Play on words

Ponder on this: The word disease is in fact two words, dis-ease, signifying a disharmony within our body, mind and emotions, and consciousness. Something I have repeated over and over again for quite a while. However, the word “patient” can also be broken down to paz-siente, meaning “feeling peace within”.
If we as therapeutics (I use this word knowing that it is not correct English, but because we, those in the field of healing, need to learn to be therapeutic and no longer therapists, acupuncturist, healers, doctors etc…) can find the mechanism in which the patient can find his or her own inner calmness, we have accomplished the first and most important step toward healing.
This is the greatest reason to why meditation is medicine. If we, patients and therapeutics, can find and be within our inner calmness for a few minutes every day, we can truly become healers; architects of our own “self”, and ambassadors to those around us.
A perfect example of this is when a mother embraces her child, the baby stops crying. The mother is being the light needed to hide the darkness in which the baby cannot find it’s peace. This is not just a concept of belief, it is truth in awareness.
Be with yourself. Shine your light. Love that light that you radiate outward, and engulf the world around you. Much love to you all!

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