Hugging and Embracing


Electrons embrace protons with neutrons. Atoms hug each other. Molecules with molecules giving rise to Life of Embracement. We are walking hugs…
The first thing we do is thaw in healing. We begin frozen. After we thaw we build a shell, a shell of ice, which separates us from ourselves. That shell of ice was most likely induced by fear; fear of being what we are, and fear of losing: losing our life, fortune, love…
All fears come from fear of losing. But, they are solved in a simple way. When we know how to live in “Being” nothing can be lost.
The state of Being is that instance of creation in which we lose nothing whilst living in integrity, in completion, and in knowing that we can be anything we want. We are all creators of what we desire. The Being is that core of inner fire from which we can deliver without any fear.
When we hug from the state of Being, we abstract from our body, our energy, our age, our times. We become a whirlwind of pure love, of conscience and we turn on our hearts.
What we do is put our fields in conjunction; our physical, etheric, emotional, mental bodies are cleared at the time of abandonment, and flow through the embrace. Through the art of letting go during a soulful hug, the miracle of healing occurs.
Imagine a world with less doctors and more huggers… Wouldn’t we be better physicians, therapists, people. Maybe we could advance toward a Humanity of love and unity.

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