Compassion… what a tricky word. In reality, if you break it down com = con, meaning with, passion = wholeheartedness. A concept so easily attained in theory, yet, immensely difficult to obtain and hold on to. Living in a world with so much pride and ego, it is no wonder to me that we have so many masters, guides and teachers attempting to show us this way of life. I find myself pondering on this idea as I feel I have lost perspective in my path toward obtaining and holding onto Compassion. I could blame it on being a Virgo, and wanting to be in control of everything around me. Knowing the answers and helping myself and those around me has always been my objective, however, it still remains my ego and pride at hand… And it is a lie! Only I can take full responsibility of straying from my path, embracing my ego, my pride, without judgement. Living wholeheartedly means living in a world where one does not have room for personal gain. Whole, with open heart and arms is my way, it generates my growth, my wisdom, my compassion. And, as I grow, I take hand in hand those I love, so that we may flourish together, as one… One unit, one unity, one Humanity. As I make the choice to reclaim my concept of Compassion, I invite all people of GoodWill, those who I call friends and loved ones, to take each other hand in hand, and ascend our awareness, our consciousness to a place where we are all brothers and sisters on this planet, in this vast Universe. It is time to open our hearts, without fear, without prejudices. It is time to love and be loved in return. As we grow, one by one, we all flourish as One! Ponder on this. And, remember to give a loved one a true hug, today and everyday. Much love to you all and thank you for being my greatest teachers!!!

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