Attention to the child within

Ponder on this: Dis-ease is a state where your body is simply crying. Like a child does when he or she wants attention, your body does the same. Your inner child is crying for attention because you are not giving it the vital love it needs. You are neglecting it.
Attention is energy. To be present and give attention to your thoughts and your body is a necessity; a requirement, especially in this age where we have the illusion of not having enough time to be present with ourself.
A balance must be sought as to not give an excessive amount because our Self can become addicted to such attention. Love can be quite addicting… Giving enough to show our Self love, compassion and attention, this is consciousness.
This week, when you take your 10 minutes a day to pause, begin paying attention to your Self, not just your body, not just your mind or thoughts. Try paying attention to both, equally and in harmony. Learn to love and cherish yourself fully, without guilt, without restraint. Find the light that shines within and burn it brightly. Show yourself the unconditional love you are made up of.
Try it, it only takes a few minutes a day. I know I will smile emoticon. Much love!

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