A reflection

We live in a time when the Human heart is highly influenced… Acceptance, compassion, love and even devotion are some of what we all strive for by the teachings of the wise. Unfortunately, the learnings we endure can sometimes lead to fanaticism based on fear.

Many people believe that hate is the opposite of love. They are wrong. Fear is love’s opposite. And it is only instilled upon by those who have transformed their fear into hate. Those individuals in high power, whether governmental, religious or societal, have the ability and influence to lead devotion into fear…

As we evolve and ascend into Beings of Light and Goodwill, we are challenged by our open hearts on a daily basis. As Humanity comes closer into a state of unity and union, there are still those that fear it and use their influence to separate and create chaos.
However, no matter the hardship or emotional sadness we may feel during this time of awareness, compassion will always unite us.

Humanity stays strong, with more compassion and wisdom with every blow. We will continue to evolve. We will stand on high grounds. And we will become the conscious beings, in connection to purpose and Goodwill, we are meant to be.

Humanity’s consciousness and awareness needs more love and kindness today more than ever. I propose we all remember to be kind not only to our neighbors, but to every living thing. Remember in an act of generosity, a smile can be brought even upon he or she who has seen the true colors of pain.

One act of kindness per day amongst all of us can create a wave of compassion around the world. Let this be our intention. Let that wave of kindness generate and radiate love on this Earth. And let that light become a bright sun, so that our hearts may be a spark of healing within our cosmos.

Find the light within the summit of your heart and let candle become a star.

I invite you all to take a few minutes to let your heart become a healing light that radiates upon any darkness. Let your light show the path toward Love, Wisdom and Compassion. Let Love and Light shine strong…

Much love to all! And thank you for being a spark in my life and every life you touch…

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